The Last Of Us Fans Are Going Hard On Bill And Frank Fan Art

Bill and Frank are seen sitting in their living room next to the piano, exchanging rings during their wedding ceremony.

Image: HBO

Readers, I have a question for you: do you like the art of old gay men living their best post-apocalyptic? well, Our last thing Fans have you covered this week, as artists are coming out of the woodwork to paint amazing artwork of Bill and Frank from this week’s episode of the HBO adaptation.

The third episode of the TV show (titled “Long, Long Time”) aired this past Sunday, and it focuses on Nick Offerman’s Bill and his partner Frank, played by Murray Bartlett. Since then, the Internet has been full of praise for the show, and the happy (but still sad) show of. Gay love is in a hopeless place. After Our last thing My heart is broken, the only thing that fixes it now is the incredible fan art that came out afterwards. Like this cute one of Frank planting strawberries while Bill brings him dinner.

Strawberry is the real star

Several artists are painting the scene in the middle of the scene when Frank shows Bill a small seed of a strawberry he has grown in their stronghold. Which makes sense, because in terms of outstanding scenes, it’s one of the best. But the strawberry image has taken on many interpretations of Bill and Frank fan art.

But it’s not a direct homage to the content we see in the show, there are fans filling in the gaps between the many time skips of the episode, such as this cute piece of Bill surprising Frank with some sweets and putting his strawberries to good use.

The moments painted in between

“Long, Long” shows that Bill and Frank have spent many years together, so we are free to imagine many potential milestones in their relationship. In the last years of their lives, it was revealed that Frank had painted at some point, and even had pieces of Bill around their house. Katekomics imagines an earlier point in their lives where Frank asked Bill to propose to him, and if that doesn’t melt your heart, I don’t know what will.

I’m telling you, the entire series could be written with an artist drawing of Bill and Frank’s life together. It will be good. Where is the envelope? I have a strong letter to send to HBO.

While it’s fun to imagine the cute little moments of Bill and Frank’s relationship, in the end, we have to sit with its conclusion: the two spend another day in their city and drink enough of their beaujolais to pass the night peacefully. Artists like carrot_boi have interpreted their final days in their own way, such as this piece showing the two at the end of their marriage, with Bill’s ring thrown in for good measure.

These are just some of the cute/horrible things I’ve seen over the past few days, but you can bet I have Bill and Frank tags. Save on my Tumblr dashboard Now let’s keep an eye on the works that fans are coming out with. Every time I turn on the tag I find new ways to torture myself as I am reminded of how much I love HBO’s version. Our last thing Manage their relationship.


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