Role of industrial internet grows rapidly

Technology of 5G-enabled remote driving was presented at the booth during the fifth China International Import Expo in Shanghai. [ZHANG WEI/CHINA DAILY]

The business report and professional influence the collaboration across different sectors

Integration across different areas is needed in order to develop the internet business, the wide area seen by the countries around the world is important to promote the production of products, the managers and experts said after reviewing the business report.

The added value of the internet business is expected to reach 4.45 trillion yuan ($617 billion) this year, accounting for 3.64 percent of GDP and rising from 4.10 trillion yuan in 2021, the report said. new from China Academy of Industrial Internet said.

Internet marketing refers to integrated, advanced systems with internet connectivity and big data analytics, which are important in boosting productivity, efficiency and reliability of production.

Zhang Yunming, vice-president of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the country’s top economic administrator, said that internet business is an important factor in business and industry. new ecosystem for the deep connection between the new generation of communication technology and the business economy.

“It is the way for the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry and the main driver of its positive development,” Zhang said in a forum at the fifth Hongqiao International Economic Forum when the fifth China International Import Expo in Shanghai.

“More efforts are needed to improve the support capacity, and expand the breadth and depth of the 5G network layout in the industry,” Zhang said.

Now, all the major industries have given importance to the production, and they have presented many strategic measures to improve the production industry to make it more digital era- oriented, internet-connected and smart, the experts said.

Lu Chuncong, director of the China Academy of Industrial Internet, said that cooperation across various fields is important for the rapid development of the Internet industry. Businesses, telecommunications companies, software companies and business management companies should cooperate deeply to support the research of important technologies.

“Meanwhile, it will be a long-term process to develop thousands of businesses through the Internet, which is determined by the uncertainty in the development of China’s road big business and the conditions of that,” said Lu.

The university released a report on Sunday that shows that internet marketing is used in 45 major groups of businesses in the country. This year, internet marketing will contribute to the benefits of primary, secondary and tertiary level of business.

In addition, the Internet business will contribute to the development of China’s work and improve employment, helping to create more than 1 million new jobs this year, the report said.

Frank Meng, director of Qualcomm China, said that the world’s major economies, such as China, Germany, the United States and Japan, have supported the development of the industry in internet.

“As a general communication platform, 5G has played an important role in promoting the development of the internet industry,” Meng said, adding that the US chip company has cooperated with the Chinese Academy of Industrial Internet to build a 5G-connected factory in Kunshan, Jiangsu province.


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