Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto Online Has a Serious Security Bug for PC Users

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Reports suggest that a bug in Grand Theft Auto V Online has put PC gamers’ games—and even, potentially, hardware—at risk.

This line is allegedly allowed liars and modders to steal, fix, or corrupt PC gamers account information. Some players have reported having all of their gameplay and account information deleted, while others have said that their in-game credits have been stolen. Worse, the virus allegedly allows “partial remote control functionality,” which could allow malicious users to modify PC player files. While GTA’s publisher, Rockstar Games, has not commented on the situation yet, many people are commenting was encouraged PC players to avoid playing the game until we all have a better picture of what’s going on.

News of the problem first started popping up in many pockets of the internet over the weekend, with a special investigation, the account twitter Quick 2 (which regularly updates about Rockstar news), reports detailing the use. Complaints also erupted in Rockstar’s support forums.

“Gta online on pc is now unplayable due to heavy usage, this needs to be fixed,” one user posted.

“Afraid to play online,” said another. “Please fix this rockstar, I love this game.”

Others simply said: “GET YOU *** TOGETHER ROCKSTAR!”

Meanwhile, a subreddit dedicated to the game is calling on players to avoid the game until further notice. “As we’ve learned it’s not safe to play on PC right now because of a very dangerous exploit that just happened,” read the post. pinned post shared in the subreddit. “We need to report this to Rockstar so they can’t ignore it.”

On the same subreddit, users voiced their frustration that Rockstar hasn’t addressed – or even acknowledged – the security issue yet: “Still the most important part of this . R* is more concerned with bad press than informing people about how their game has been hacked and what the risks are to their personal data,” comment a user. “It makes me think the worst, if they can’t come out and say X is safe for now.”

Quick 2who monitored the incident, wrote that “Rockstar knows about [of the problem] and have access to all affected accounts before the first mod guide begins to attack new applications. “However, the company itself has not yet issued a statement on this issue.

BleepingComputer has reported that the vulnerability associated with the exploit has become an established CVE and is being tracked accordingly CVE-2023-24059. The CVE describes a bug that allows a hacker to “perform half of a remote operation or modify data on a PC.” However, there aren’t many details available on how the implementation is supposed to work, however.

Gizmodo has reached out to Rockstar for comment on the apparent security issue but has not heard back. We will update this story if they respond.

It’s a bug do Turns out, it would be far from the first security problem that Rockstar has been through recently. Last year, the cybercriminal managed to disrupt the big gaming machine and went on Hacked (and later leaked) source code to the future GTA 6.


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