Reedsburg author releases third book, tells life story through work


The Reedsburg author who tells the story of her life and family through her work released her third book in December and held a book launch Saturday in Wisconsin Dells.

Rose Bingham, who lives with her husband of 64 years, Michael, in Reedsburg, lived in the Dells area for 22 years, and was raised in Mauston. She released “Life Through My Eyes” last month and presented it to family members and other Dell residents at the Kilbourn Public Library. She signed copies of the book, like her previous two, “Say it isn’t so… and then make Lemonade!” and “Buy the Little Ones a Dolly,” her memoir and first published book.

The new book is filled with mostly non-rhyming poems such as haikus, sonnets and limericks dedicated to a litany of subjects and life experiences related to them. Issues covered in Bingham’s latest work range from the COVID-19 pandemic to nature, war and unrest, family, childhood memories, and loss of life. She read a few poems from “Life Through My Eyes” to an opening audience filled with her family members and others.

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“Say it’s not like that… then make a lemon!” Available for free at launch. Her memoir was published in November 2017, and “Say It Isn’t so… and then Make Lemonade!” Coming out in July of 2019. Bingham’s latest book and “Buy the Little Ones a Dolly” are both on sale. All of Bingham’s books are available at the Kilbourn Public Library.

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Dels Woman published the first book at 80

Few authors have their first book published when they are 80 years old, but Rose Bingham of Wisconsin…

“Rose has studied writing for a long time and she has done it perfectly and she is a very dynamic and interesting person,” said Kira Henschel, publisher of Bingham and owner of HenschelHAUS Publishing in Milwaukee. “Each one is different, but I think they really show her life and also show life in a broader sense.”

A major life event covered in “Buy the Little Ones a Dolly” is the disappearance of her mother in 1952 when she was 15 years old (she is now 85). She, along with her sister, Mary (Simonis), and their youngest sister discovered their mother’s fate in 2011, and the memoir was written in 2012.

“Our youngest sister was 3 years old when she left, and so, for her, the closure was huge because she didn’t remember her,” said Simonis, who added that their oldest sister discovered the information.

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Along with “Life Through My Eyes”, Bingham also presented a short photo book dedicated to her and Michael’s daughter, Mary, who died in a car accident on February 3, 2018, nine weeks after their other daughter, Michelle, died of. with a stroke on November 28, 2017. The author discussed both deaths emotionally during her opening remarks.

According to Bingham, Mary was on her way to work at the Polynesian Resort in Wisconsin Dells when she entered the icy Interstate 90/94 heading west when a vehicle was in the lane to the left of her car.

“She got to the top of the ramp, and her car skidded across the road, and a woman went west of her,” recalled Bingham, who said she and Michael had seen Mary the night before the accident after being released from her shift at the parking lot. resort.

“Say it’s not like that… then make a lemon!” is dedicated to the memory of Mary and Michelle. It begins with the poem, “Say it isn’t so,” which brings to mind the hard-hitting search for a dead phone accident.

Michael Bingham attributed Rose’s Catholic faith to her ability to get through the death of their two daughters close together, as well as help him through it. Michael, an avid fisherman, keeps Rose’s business cards in his wallet and distributes them, especially when he goes fishing.

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She wrote the picture book “Let Me Tell You About Grandma Mary Frances Schimming” for her three granddaughters, which the daughter of Bingham never met.

“I wrote this book for them so they would know something about their grandmother,” Bingham said.

Prior to her writing career, Bingham had a 45-year career as a nurse in Madison and was a nurse manager at Sauk Prairie Hospital for 13 years before retiring in 2001. Discovering her mother’s fate was one of her inspirations. Start writing.

Michael spent 31 years as a firefighter with the Madison Fire Department before retiring in 1990.

“She’s very emotional, and she knows what she’s writing about,” Michael Bingham said. “She does everything with kindness. There is no hostility in her writing.”

Although now living in Reedsburg, Bingham makes regular trips to the Dells as a member of an area book club.

The Binghams had six children (four survived), as well as 19 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren. Among those family members, three children and two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren were in the launch.


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