Prince Harry Says He Only Cried Once After Princess Diana Died

  • Prince Harry is reflecting on his experience mourning Princess Diana in public in 1997.
  • In a promotional clip for his ITV interview on Sunday, Harry said he felt “guilty” for smiling in public.
  • The Duke of Sussex said he only cried once after Diana’s death, describing the experience as “weird.”

Prince Harry only cried once after Princess Diana died in 1997 and said he felt guilty for smiling in public after the tragedy.

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in Promotional clip For his upcoming ITV interview with Tom Bradby, the Duke of Sussex shared a glimpse of his experience of mourning his mother in public. Harry was 12 years old when Diana was killed in a car accident in Paris, France on August 31, 1997 at the age of 36.

Reflecting on the aftermath of his mother’s death, Harry told Bradby that he remembers that time of his life as “weird,” adding that he elaborated in his memoir “Spare,” to be released on Tuesday.

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“Everyone knows where they were and what they did the night my mother died,” he said. “I cried once at the funeral and you know, I went into detail about how strange it was.”

Furthermore, Harry said he still feels guilty about how he appeared in public the day after his mother’s death.

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After Diana died, he and Prince William, then 15, met members of the public in front of Kensington Palace and looked at the thousands of flowers left in their mother’s honor.

“There was actually some guilt I felt, and I think William felt it too,” Harry said. Also, by walking around the outside of Kensington Palace,” said Harry. “There were 50,000 roses for our mother and there we were shaking people’s hands, smiling.”

Prince William and Prince Harry greet the public outside Kensington Palace in London less than a week after Princess Diana died in 1997.

William and Harry met members of the public outside Kensington Palace less than a week after their mother’s death in 1997.

Rebecca Naden/Getty Images

ITV overlapped the interview with footage of Harry and William outside Kensington Palace that showed them smiling and talking to Diana’s mourners.

“I looked back at it all, and the wet hands that we were shaking, but it was all the tears that they wiped away,” he said.

“Everyone thinks and feels like they know our mother,” Harry added. “And the two people closest to her, the two people she loved the most were unable to show any emotion at that time.”

According to the BBC, Harry goes into depth in “Spare” about his efforts to find closure after Diana’s death. It is reported that Harry wrote about asking a driver to take him through the tunnel in Paris where his mother’s car crashed in the hope that it would cause “unrelenting pain.”

More details will be shared in the Duke of Sussex’s four broadcast interviews. The ITV interview promoting “Spare” is scheduled to air in the UK at 9pm, while a separate interview with Anderson Cooper for 60 Minutes on CBS is also airing on Sunday at 7:30pm ET.

Harry will also be interviewed on ABC’s Good Morning America with Michael Strahan on Monday and on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on CBS on Tuesday.


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