PlayStation 5 Getting Discord Voice Integration, Other Features

A PlayStation 5 and controller.

Photos: Sony

Sony only report a ton of new features are currently in development. Features such as support for 1440p one to urinate was laughing for some time while others, such as the ability to join Discord’s traditional voice chat, feel like they should have been announced sooner than a few years into the console’s life cycle.

You won’t be the first to access the features unless you’ve been selected for the beta, but they seem pretty useful. Finally you will be able to make Discord calls directly from your PlayStation 5 and display the game you are playing to whoever you are chatting with (just like the mobile and desktop versions ).

PS5 will get other important social features as well. Finally you will be able to request a screenshare directly from your friends’ files, participate in competitive games through “Party” chats, and see what games your friends also have on them the account. If you wonder who’s joining your games (like me), don’t worry: Sony is giving PS5 owners the ability to decide who can and can’t join your games activity.

These additions are very useful for the ecosystem that Sony has been trying to create since then got Bungie for $3.6 billion. And accordingly financial calls from last year, multiplayer is the biggest reason that PlayStation Plus users keep paying to use Sony’s gaming service every month.

Even if you’re not big on multiplayer, Sony is creating features that are accessible to all PlayStation owners. What I’m most excited about is the ability to use voice commands to capture videos. You won’t fiddle with the content manually either; you can make presets how long the average clip should be.

If you upgraded to a current-gen console recently, you probably remember saving game changes as a huge pain. Right now, the only way to transfer your PlayStation 4 save to your new console is to dig into your cloud storage. PlayStation Plus users will finally be able to transfer save data. Even if you don’t pay for Sony’s gaming service, you will soon be able to transfer data on personal PS5s. You know, now it is supposedly possible for the average person secure more than one console.

If you are lucky enough to get a beta subscription email, then you can see these features before anyone else. So check your inbox carefully.


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