Mr. November candidates for 2022 World Series

HOUSTON — Mark those calendars. Because no matter who wins Saturday night at Minute Maid Park, history will be made.

Game 6 between the Astros and Phillies on Nov. 5 will be Major League Baseball’s deepest game of the year. The previous record was November 4 in 2001 (D-backs over Yankees in Game 7) and 2009 (Yankees over Phillies in Game 6).

Between the unusual lockout schedule in 2022, a mid-series rainout that moved everything back a day, and the possibility of a Sunday Game 7, that record could stand for a while. In fact, this will be the only World Series in which most of the games (except for two) are better known for the Thanksgiving wishbone cracking than the bat cracking.

Now, given that this is November’s 118th World Series to be played, one of these players on the Phillies or the ‘Stros could become the new, true ‘Mr. November”.

Oh, we know what you’re thinking. We have Mr. November! That’s Derek Jeter, who not only had his first MLB hit at the plate in Game 4 of the ’01 World Series in November, but also had a remarkable home run — a healing moment for New York City. After the 9/11 attacks.

But even though Jeter is currently tied for the record for games played in November (six) and currently holds the record for hits in November (eight), his signature moment of the month is statistically tied for Oct. 31, not Nov. 1, because that’s the official game day.

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Will that be enough to dethrone Jeter? No, not really. But Jeter has another, more meaningful nickname (“The Captain”), so … at least he can share it, right?

As we head into Game 6 (the November 16th game in history), here are some of the guys in this 2022 World Series who will play “Mr. November”.

(All performances from Games 1 and 2 played in October are not counted in this all-important exercise.)

Right now, it’s hard to beat Javier after going the first six innings of the Astros’ historic combined shutout in Game 4. Javier was absolutely amazing, surprising the Phillies with his “invisible” fastball in a non-math game. should have won but it was very close.

Javier gave up two easy runs in Game 6 of the World Series last November, but we feel like he made up for it. He actually holds the record for most career strikeouts in November, with 12. The X-factor is the possibility of Game 7 and the possibility of Javier starting said game. If that happens, Javier’s latest “Mr. November” case would be suspended. (So ​​will the series, by the way.)

Like several Astros (we’ll get to them in a minute), Schwarber comes into this series having played two games in November. He was especially involved in the 2016 World Series between his Cubs and Cleveland. He went 4-9 with a walk in those games. In Game 3 of that series, he hit a 443-foot homer over the green of the mammoth’s eye at Citizens Bank Park, then went deep again in Game 5. That puts Schwarber one homer away from tying Chase Utley’s November record of three.

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Additionally, research confirms that both “Schwarber” and “November” end in “ber” (which should count for something, but probably won’t).

Peña had never played in a November game until this year. Wait, check, he never played in a Major League game until this year!

That couldn’t be more true, as Peña looked completely comfortable on stage this series. In three games played this month, he’s 6-for-12 with a homer, a walk, two RBIs and two runs scored. Plus, he’s a short man and 100% of the time people call him “Mr. “Noyabr” films were short-lived. You can watch it.

Bryce Harper, Rhys Hoskins, Alec Bohm and Brandon Marsh, Phillies

Like Schwarber, the Phillies all went deep in this November game in this series, and that’s a decent starting point, though they’ll soon have more to do.

For now, bonus points to Marsh and Harper for taking the No Shave idea to extremes all year.

What’s more, he was born in November (the 19th, if you want to send him a birthday card)!

Seranthony Dominguez, Philly

The only kid on these lists with a November birthday (the 25th), and his role as the guy who could have the ball in his hands if the Phillies try to close out their first World Series title since 2008 speaks for itself.

As the only members of the Astros to have played in the club’s previous two November games — Game 7 in 2017 and Game 6 last year — all three guys now match the November record held by Jeter and Jorge Posa. Games played in 6 games (six).

Unfortunately, they haven’t done much with a Jeter-like prospect yet. Altuve is 4-for-20 with threes, Bregman is just 2-for-17 with doubles, and Gurriel is just 4-for-19 with doubles (and now nursing a sore knee). But they all had at least one hit in Game 5. If they want to earn that much-coveted nickname (and you know they have it in their hearts), they’ll need to ride the momentum on Saturday.

The veteran left-handed reliever has much lower leverage in this Astros bullpen than he did in the Braves a year ago. Smith has yet to pitch this post season.

But if the game gets silly (perhaps in extras) and Smith has a chance to become the first reliever to close out the World Series in November two years in a row, we’ll have to keep him in mind. He last hit for the Braves on November 2, 2021.

It is impossible to predict what kind of magic November will bring and who will provide it. For example, if someone hits a ninth-inning, go-ahead, go-ahead homer in a series clincher, that person is called “Mr. November” theme.

It’s either that or “Captain Clutch” … we’ve been hearing that title for a long time.


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