Mindy Kaling: ‘The Office’ Would Be Too ‘Taboo’ And ‘Inappropriate’ To Air Today

Mindy Kaling doesn’t think “The Office” will resonate in the same way with today’s adult audience — and not just because more people are choosing to work remotely.

Kaling, who wrote and starred in the beloved series, appeared on “Good Morning America” last week, and the conversation quickly turned to “The Office” and how the show that last aired in 2013 got “a whole new fan base,” thanks to its presence on the Peacock.

Photograph of
Photo of “The Office” in 2006.

In response, the creator of “The Sex Life of a College Girl” and “Never Have I Ever” said she would “never” introduce her children to “The Office,” saying it was “not appropriate right now.”

“The writers that I’m still in touch with now, we always talk about how much of that show we might not be able to do right now,” Kaling said. “Tastes have changed, and honestly what makes people hate has changed a lot now. I think that’s actually one of the reasons the show is popular, because People feel that there is something fearless about it or the taboo it says. About the show.

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“The Mindy Project” star and creator admits that her kids may want to check out “The Office” when they’re teenagers.

“It seems like 15-year-olds are the biggest fans of ‘The Office’ right now,” she said.

Earlier in the interview, when Kaling was asked what her “office” – the shallow and popular culture that Kelly Kapoor – would do today, Kaling replied:

“I think she’s going to leave Dunder Mifflin to become an influencer, and then probably be canceled, almost immediately. In fact, most of the characters on that show would be canceled now.”

Kaling as Kelly Kapoor in
Kaling as Kelly Kapoor in “The Office.”

“The Office,” an American adaptation of the British TV show of the same name, ran for nine seasons on NBC between 2005 and 2013. During its tenure, the show aired episodes that could make fans of the show cringe when it aired. Today. This includes racist and fat jokes, as Looper pointed out in 2020.

However, despite some scenes and jokes they may have aged badly, the show is still very popular. Immediately after it ended its run on NBC, it became available on Netflix and remained one of its most watched programs until the beginning of 2020..

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