John Mayer finally reveals female inspiration for ‘Your Body Is a Wonderland’

If you’ve ever wondered which woman really inspired John Mayer’s Grammy-winning song “Your Body Is a Wonderland,” then you’re in luck.

In a conversation with Alex Cooper on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast, Mayer finally came clean about rumors that he wrote a song for a famous woman he was dating in 2001.

“That was about my first boyfriend,” Mayer clarified.

“That was about feelings, which I thought was funny. I was 21 when I wrote that song and I felt like I was 16.”

John Mayer put rumors to rest about who inspired him in 2001, "Your body is a wonderland."

John Mayer puts rumors to rest on his 2001 hit, “Your Body Is A Wonderland.”
(Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Variety)

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The song, which was released in 2001 off Mayer’s debut album “Room for Squares,” quickly gained attention for its deep lyrics and the mystery behind its creation.

Because the singer was dating actress Jennifer Love Hewitt at the time, tabloids assumed this song was about her.

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“That’s one of those things where people just make up that idea,” he says of the perception that the song is about a celebrity he’s dated. “It’s been solidified over the years… I never met a celebrity when I wrote that song.”

John Mayer connected with Jennifer Love Hewitt when the song "Your body is a wonderland" was released.

John Mayer linked up with Jennifer Love Hewitt when the song “Your Body Is a Wonderland” was released.
(Jon Kopaloff/Gilbert Flores)

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In recent years, Mayer has gained notoriety for his notorious dating history.

In addition to Hewitt, Mayer has dated Jennifer Aniston, Katy Perry, Jessica Simpson and famously linked to Taylor Swift, among many others.

Despite what people think of his dating history, Mayer doesn’t necessarily think he deserves the label he gets.

“I had a few labels on me like, ‘lothario’ and ‘womanizer’ and stuff. I thought — look, that’s it, that’s a role I played in a big TV show that I didn’t write. Well,” he said before noting, “Maybe I had a hand in it or something.”

Part of the appeal of Mayer’s music is guessing about who his songs were written about.

“I don’t write songs about People. I did not write them for the people or about the people. I might use a relationship that inspires me to write something. So, even though I wrote a song because of someone, it was like, go away, and I’m left with the song,” Mayer said about what inspired him to write his songs.

Although he revealed the specific woman “Your Body Is a Wonderland” was written about, don’t expect to crack the code about who he’s referencing in his other songs.

“I don’t like to tell people that a song is about someone because most of it isn’t. And it alienates people because they only see who I’m writing about.”

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John Mayer won 7 Grammy Awards and was nominated for 19.

John Mayer won 7 Grammy Awards and was nominated for 19.
(Steve Jennings/WireImage)

“Songs come out, they mean things to people – sometimes people think it’s about one person,” he explained. “Sometimes it hurts the song, sometimes the song doesn’t do as well because people go, ‘Well, he’s a little.'” And I go ‘It has nothing to do with that.’ But I always want to keep the sacredness of these songs… The two pieces make people think it’s about one person and it’s not… The most important thing in my life right now is my music.”


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