Canva Opens Up Access To Docs In Beta, Adds “Magic Write” Generative AI Copywriting Tools

Canva launched Canva Docs in an open beta today, a cloud-based hybrid of a word processor and publishing tool. In addition, Canva Docs will be adding “Magic Write,” an AI copywriting tool.

Interested users can check out the beta here.

Canva’s latest update is aimed at more companies than graphic design and into other areas of marketing and communication. The company added Whiteboards in August, which some have compared to Miro. Canva tools can also be used to create presentations and edit videos.

The developer platform first announced Docs in September at its developer conference. Much like competing cloud-based word processors, users across teams can collaborate on information in real time. There are also many templates available in Canva Docs, allowing users to create everything from resumes to menus.

But today’s surprise announcement is the addition of an AI copywriting tool, “Magic Write,” to Docs.

Magic writes uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model to generate content based on user reports, capable of creating social media posts, blog posts and press releases, among other things. worth.

In a demonstration, Jen Thompson, Product Marketing Group Lead at Canva, created ideas for World Cup-themed blog posts and even wrote a paragraph about my state of California in seconds using technology.

“Magic Writing in some ways is comparable to design. You don’t have to fight with something that the idea will be difficult for you,” he told me.

But don’t expect this technology to fill your college application and get you into an Ivy League school. While OpenAI’s GPT-3 technology is powerful, it still lacks the advantages of a professional printer. Magic writing is intended to give users a starting point on a blank page.

Regular Canva users can use Magic Fill for free up to 25 times, but Pro and Team users will have access to additional questions.

Although Magic Write’s ability is not different, as many players have access to OpenAI technology, Canva has more than 110 monthly users who can request access.

The addition of “Magic Write” is just another way Canva is giving free access to skills that customers may not have, Cameron Adams, Canva co-founder and chief product officer, said. me.

“We value here at Canva the simplicity of work. The beauty of that is that when you make things simpler, it makes people do more.”

AI powers many of Canva’s popular features, including background image removal, which has been used nearly a million times, according to Adams. Canva eventually acquired the utility company, Kaleido, last year. The company added AI image detection last month, which is powered by Stable Diffusion.

Adams said Canva is working closely with OpenAI to identify the potential of GPT-3, as well as the limitations of the standard.

“Together, we’re working specifically on things like trust and security and fair use of AI,” he said.

“We’re really committed to creating technology that not only Magic Notes but also Notes to Photos in a way that fits our 110 million monthly users and doing so for safety and justice.”


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