24 Funny Instagram Notes Memes and Popular AIM Away Messages

Instagram recently launched a new feature called “Records”. While it’s new to IG, it has given many users déjà vu – reminding them of AIM messages from decades ago. And luckily, it has provided plenty of hilarious reactions, leading to Funny Instagram save memes and AIM messages go far popular.

When you click on your Instagram post, you’ll see a “bubble” at the top with the IG user’s profile picture, along with a little status posted along with it. This is called a “record.” If you click on your own photo from that screen, you can leave your own note to “share what’s on your mind” in 60 characters or less. These updates can be viewed by your followers for 24 hours, and they can reply to them as well.

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While some are adding old-school, short-and-sweet Facebook status updates, others are using the AIM message template to go—using emo lyrics, a mix of lowercase and uppercase letters, and symbols like ~ and. *.

So, we took advantage of the moment by finding the best reactions and memes surrounding this explosion from the past of AOL Instant Messenger. Enjoy reminiscing about AIM messages—we’re already pissed off.


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